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As I was getting my daily dose of, I noticed a picture of a receipt in one of the stories and briefly assumed it was another story of a patron giving an extravagant tip (some of which, I am starting to doubt, but that is another story). Instead, the story was about a family that refused to tip the waitress because of her ‘lifestyle’.

There is always the possibility that something else transpired during the interaction between the family and the waitress, but assuming it was nothing more than a waitress handling the family’s order, this is upsetting and I fear more common than I want to believe. What makes it even worse is that there are two children that believe this is how we should treat others. If this same person believed that they should ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ – are they saying this is how they want to treated? And how they want their children to be treated?

Hide behind ‘religion’, hide behind ‘tradition’, hide behind anything you want, but understand this: you are teaching hate. Attacking others in the name of God is a coward’s game that hurts all that are involved. I have never understood, and will never understand, the point of view that requires treating others with a lack of respect. Whether it be in the name of God or Darwin, hate is hate. The tenets of believing should not include the need to degrade others for not being of the same mind. Lifting ourselves up does not require pushing others down.

I am not suggesting we need to agree with one another, but we can treat each other with dignity and respect. Showing our children acceptance will make their world a better place.

It is our differences that make us all better.

Huffington Post Article with additional links can be found here.

Sharing is always good!