Sharing is always good!

Anagrams galore. I will be blunt as to the singular reason for this particular post — hope. As many parents — or attempting parents — have found out, ease of conception and age don’t mix. Simply put — waiting to have children can easily put a wrinkle in the process. I can’t promise it will work if you are trying. In fact, I can’t promise anything. If you are simply looking for a reason to try one more time — that’s all I can give.

And so, in our extended attempt for a second we found ourselves in front of a fertility doctor who explained to us that we were no longer in our peak childbearing years. Definitely closer to a long-shot than a shoe-in. As a side note, I have to admit an immediate comfort level with the doctor due to his resemblance to Harold Ramis — particularly in his role as Dr. Egon Spengler. Thinking of Spengler telling Venkman to not cross the streams made even bad news seem okay.

I learned something valuable in the physical process (we’ll leave the emotional process out for now). As males, we serve one purpose and one purpose only: Seeding. Sounds horrible, but it’s the truth. My wife on the other hand was on a strict regimen of shots and pills. I swear each was bigger than the next. Me? Well, I dated a sterile specimen cup for a while.

Then something funny happened. We got pregnant. On our own, as we took a month off from the pills, shots, schedules, and specimen cups. The result of a simple ‘why not try anyway?’.

Going back to my opening comment about hope. I simply offer this to anyone going through a round of IUI or IVF — whether it be their first or tenth — do what you think is right, but don’t give up up just because it didn’t work the first time or the fifth time. I don’t know what kept us from getting pregnant and I don’t know what changed for us when we finally did, but I know had we not tried, we would have never succeeded.

Not everyone will be as lucky as us. If the doctor told us that there was too much against us, I might have pushed to try naturally a few more times before exploring other options, but until then, it never occurred to me to stop.

But, if you are in the middle of it all and thinking it might not happen — keep your head up, a surprise might be just around the corner.

Sharing is always good!