Sharing is always good!

Dinotrux | TheDaddyBlogger.comI love to read and one thing I hope is that my son also finds joy in reading. If he doesn’t, so be it, but seeing as though he is only going to be 4 next month, he will be getting at the very least one or more night time stories for the foreseeable future. And as parents, we all know that our children will ask for more books if they know it pushes back their bedtime.

I am not overly picky about the books we read before my son goes to bed. If they are educational, great, but the winners for me are the books that excite my son. If he is engaged and loves the book, then it is a winner. There are so many options out there, that a recommendation goes a long way.

And if I like reading it? Well, there’s grand slam.

Dinotrux  by Chris Gall was a gift my son was very happy to receive from his aunt. The short: Dinosaurs that are Trucks. Need I say more? Oh yeah, pretty good story line and cool art along with some light humor.

In fact, my son was so excited that when he saw his cousin with Revenge of the Dinotrux, he begged us to get it for him. The look on his face when we gave it to him got me equally excited. It’s a different story, but again, Dinosaurs as Trucks.

Both of these books are grand slams.

Now, back to figuring out what Tyrannosaurus Trux will be doing next…

Sharing is always good!