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This is not a post arguing for or against gun control, but it is about gun control. Yes, there is a difference.

It is important to level set. The current gun control debate is not about making our nation safer or about protecting our children — it is simply about gun control. It is a well known communication issue seen in countless households across America — an argument that starts about why one spouse didn’t clean the dishes in the sink but ends as a tirade about an unresolved issue that has festered for twenty years. The catalyst here being the tragedy in Newtown, CT. Even the media and anti-gun supporters don’t hide the fact they are exploiting a nationwide opportunity.

To be clear: simple gun control will not keep this from happening again, nor will it reduce the odds. And that’s the issue. We can’t think that gun control, in any form, will be the nice, singular solution with the pretty bow. The truth is, no matter what we do, we will most likely never be able to stop this from happening again. It frightens me to the core, but I am realistic to realize that 7 billion people offer a lot of permutations.

If the inability to control our waistlines is any indicator, we as Americans want a solution that will make us all feel better and not require a lot of any effort. In other words, we are too lazy to do what is really needed. The knee jerk answer of gun control will allow most of the country to move on. Until that is, it happens again. We seek to blame and move on rather than understand and fix, because that is the toughest part — recognizing we all need to change — not “they” or “them” but “we” and “us”.

I grew up in the era of Mortal Kombat video games and Terminator movies. I grew up around guns – and a lot of them. I grew up with kids that were around guns. I have hunted. I have never killed anyone nor thought about it – not even for a moment. I also grew up in a loving family. Cause? Correlation? I have no idea, but I know the answer goes well beyond my access to guns.

In his speech today outlining new gun control measures, President Obama noted: “the only way we can change is if the American people demand it.”

I disagree.

The only way we can change is if the American people CHANGE.

It will be hard — no doubt about it. We need to change the way we think and act and that isn’t something that comes easy to any of us. And sure, there need to be some tweaks to laws to assist, but we can’t take such a single minded and short sighted approach as throwing our hands in the air at the White House and saying “save us”. We can’t go on thinking “road rage” in front of our children is not a big deal or something is off the table because a fear of not being P.C.

I might not always get it right myself, but I will try. For the times I fail, I will know I have failed.

How do you feel?

Sharing is always good!