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Frustrated Senior Businessman | TheDaddyBlogger.comI don’t subscribe to the notion of haves and have-nots. I don’t fault the abundantly successful.

But some days I do feel like a lemming (even though it is a bit of a misconception).

As workers, we live in a self correcting eco-system. Layer after layer of management keep the layer below in check. You look up and say “wow, someday” — thinking that the $500k per year job puts you in the major leagues of the world — and you work within the parameters to get there. The only problem — that $500k C-leveler is still answering to someone. Considering there are 1,153 billionaires on the planet and 400 billionaires in the United States — I would call $500k upper-middle class in the grand scheme of economic striations.

How does this fit with parenting?

In trying to find the best work-life balance, we might be holding ourselves back. We put our noses to the grindstone and sacrifice family time for work time because we are sometimes required to and other times we just think we should do it — with only a few at the very apex of society truly gaining. We are scrambling all over ourselves thinking the other person is so different from us that they are not a person. The perfect self managed, self contained rate race. We strive for better when better only means more things. Not a better life – just more things. So down with the elites? Stop working? Revolt?!?

Not so fast.

If we didn’t have the rungs and the “top” — what would we seek? Where might we all be had the titans of industry not invented progressive works? And needed workers along the way? Where would we be without organizations like the Gates Foundation? We can fault Bill for being rich, but he has given back more in a day than I might earn in a lifetime.

If we can’t tear down the whole system without destroying progress, how do we balance it all?

In MediaPost article ‘So Much Stress: But Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?‘, Holly Pavlika, executive creative director at Big Fuel, points out that one of the biggest stresses was the inability to say no to friends and colleagues. Self inflicted stress at its best. On the way in to work this morning I heard a radio ad that included a woman listing why she was so busy — with one of the items being that she had to walk two dogs. Sorry, but again, self inflicted.

It comes down to focus. With the rise of the internet and social media, there is so much more at our fingertips in what we can do. Strip out the needs from the wants and build up rather than start with what’s available and cut down. Stop blaming and tearing others down. If you want to be a billionaire or a surfer or a couch potato, focus and rise up (or out as it were).


Sharing is always good!