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Nutella - Nutrition Facts | TheDaddyBlogger.comI think we know the state of parenting and responsibility in America when mother admits she can’t read, but knows how to hire a lawyer.

I don’t know the details of the case, but if there isn’t much more than what is reported — I think this woman’s daughter should hire her own lawyer and sue the mother for neglect. Why? She openly admitted in court that she fed something to her child having no idea what it contained. And better yet — she repeatedly did it. Maybe she should be held on charges of Childism.

This is not to say I think Nutella should be presenting itself as a healthy breakfast option. I am not against lawyers or lawsuits and I am not pro-corporation. However, I am pro-responsibility and pro-reason. Again, I don’t know the details — maybe Ms. Hohenberg asked Nutella to stop their advertising and they refused so the lawsuit was necessary to stop it. And maybe, her admission of being “shocked to learn” that Nutella “was the next best thing to a candy bar,” was something her lawyer came up with to win the case.

In either case — being unable to read or playing the complete fool — it doesn’t say much for Ms. Hohenberg. And beyond that — and most disturbing — she was giving something to her child without knowing its contents. I don’t think that is really the case — I think Ms. Hohenberg is playing both sides of the coin and is willing to admit to a lie (perjury) to gain the other.

So, as I wait for the cost of Nutella to go up and for the next lawsuit (I have money on the lawsuit being about STOP signs not being explicit enough — stop what? the car? the engine? talking?), I will talk to my son about responsibility and reason and work on critical thinking with him — three items that I fear will be even more sorely lacking in the world around him when he is my age.

Sharing is always good!