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As I have mentioned in other posts, I am not an “organic-only” person, although I do lean to them when it comes to our son. Also mentioned in other posts, I grew up on a small farm with a family that made meals from scratch — so for the most part, my diet was inherently organic. Apparently, by eating a vegetarian chicken raised in our front yard, without antibiotics and killed in the last 24 hours (most times within the last hour), I was eating like a socially responsible foodie (NY Times Article). Who knew that people would be willing to pay more for the age old way of raising and eating a chicken?

As usual…I digress….

On to Annie’s Homegrown. What have we tried? The Organic Snack Mix,Organic Fruit Snacks, Natural Mac and Cheese, and the Bunny Grahams.

The short? Everything tasted great — and more importantly, our son loves them as well. I judge fruit snacks on simple criteria: ingredients, taste and texture, with texture being almost as important as taste, and these fruit snacks pass with flying colors. In other words, they make tasty organic and natural food at affordable prices, give back to the community and support sustainable agriculture — much like other organic and natural food producers. Where they kept me as a customer was customer service, which is a dying breed and something my son may never really experience.

We bought a bum box of the grahams. We Opened the bag of grahams inside an undamaged box and we were greeted with a funky smell. Box: fine. Bag: fine. Expiration date: fine.

Satisfied with the product? Nope. So my partner in crime takes to the phone lines. A quick five minute conversation uncovers what we had suspected — a glitch in the production process, specifically one of the oils that was used. Danger? None. Issue? Taste and smell. Result? Apology and a couple days later not only a coupon for a replacement box but a hand signed letter and more coupons. Feeling? Happy.

I know. This should be the rule and not the exception, but those days are long gone. I give kudos to the Annie’s Homegrown team — the replacement was expected, but the added touch of the nice conversation, letter and additional coupons was just right.

Sharing is always good!