Sharing is always good!

Sometimes I can be too serious. Looking back at some recent posts, I realized I need to add some more lighthearted fare. So here it is: The 5 Most Annoying Cartoon Characters.

The setup: This is not all inclusive. It is a list of the 5 characters I despise the most based on what shows my son currently watches (or has seen, even briefly).

5. Sir Topham Hatt, Thomas & Friends

Thomas almost made the list for being a bit on the whiny side of things, but I just couldn’t do it, so I had to add ol’ Topham. He makes the list for two reasons: 1. He seems like a generally disagreeable person and 2. “you are causing confusion and delay”. Nowhere near as annoying as the rest of this list, but still deserved a spot.

4. Chuck, The Adventures of Chuck and Friends

Chuck is not an annoyance on every episode, but there are times when he tops the charts. My issue? Everything is about him. EVERYTHING. If it isn’t about him, then he is whining about someone else being in the spotlight.

3. Caillou, Caillou

We have never watched a full episode. Why? This kid is creepy.

2. Clarabelle Cow, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

As far as I am concerned, Goofy is married and has a child. Now, he suddenly has an annoying girlfriend with a voice that makes me want to curl up in the corner and cry. C’mon Goofy, you can do better.

1. Norman, Fireman Sam

From the voice to his actions, this kid is the most annoying character on TV. He nearly gets himself and the entire town killed on a weekly basis and whines like there is no tomorrow. So far, I have found no redeeming qualities in this soulless lump of death.

Sharing is always good!