Sharing is always good!

I know my son’s personality will be what it will be. My only hope is that I provide enough solid parenting that he becomes a fine upstanding citizen of the world at large. However, there are some personalities that I hope he avoids — and knowing how we can all (or nearly all) relate to driving and the personalities we see on the road, I present them as the 5 Driver Personalities I hope my son avoids:

1. The sitter. Passing lane is for passing — not sitting (or cruising). This personality is simply unconscious. The world around them doesn’t exist. I want my son to at least know the world — by book or by travel or whatever means exist. Know that it is there. Know that there are many people and many ways of thinking. If he chooses not to participate and hole himself up in a shack in the middle of nowhere and go off the grid, so be it, but I hope he looks around at the very least before he does.

2. The jammer. You know the one. The driver that knows a merge is coming up and makes sure to do it at the last possible second to ensure a longer line for those waiting. This personality will do anything to get ahead – regardless of impact to anyone or anything — and put in a lot more work to save negligible time. This personality lacks the ability to see they are hurting themselves as well as people like them likely cause the traffic jams they themselves sit in from time to time. I want him to be empathetic without being a pushover and pay attention to costs and benefits.

3. The tailer. I don’t mean the standard “one person slow, the other person tailing”. I mean the driver that tails another driver that is leaving a reasonable distance for the slow driver. This personality criticizes others for things out of their control — in other words — they shoot the messenger. I want my son to look at a situation in its entirety and try to understand it better rather then succumb to tunnel vision. This driver can also be called “The weaver” as they weave about the lane as though they are going to pass, but ultimately never do.

4. The idiot. This one is a bit of a catchall, but includes such delights as: the person that honks to push you to make a right turn in a no-right-turn situation; the motorcyclists that ruin it for other motorcyclists by weaving at 120mph+ down the highway endangering everyone within a mile; the drivers that try to “time” traffic lights and start going before it is green only to end up in the middle of the intersection while it is still red. And of course, there are many more. Not much to say here other than I don’t want my son to be an idiot-jerk.

5. The judge. While I know the list itself is partial judgment on the driver personality, there are a lot of drivers on the road and a lot of scenarios that can force issues. I know if there was an emergency, I would pass in non-passing zones, turn right on no-right reds, and generally do whatever needed to be done to get him to the hospital quicker — as long I am not putting us or anyone else in danger (you can argue that these actions do, but I would argue they do not). Sometimes people are making decisions based on what is best, and sometimes they are just jerks. Unless you know the whole story, then you can’t judge — so why let it take up any more time and ruin your day.

Sharing is always good!