Sharing is always good!

I know this is a bit off topic, which is why I created a whole new section for topics that are not directly tied to being a dad (although, everything in theory can tie back to a parental lesson).

On with the show.

For starters, I am a registered Independent. Why? When I was 18 I had a choice and at the time I wasn’t fully on board with either party. Take a little from one and a little from the other and there you have it. I can see that an argument always has two sides. If you still believe there is only one way to do things, then I am probably not the person for you. In fact, you probably hate me. My philosophy hasn’t changed much over the ensuing years.

Now really, on with the show.

The debt ceiling “debate” is no longer about the debt ceiling or about what is fiscally best for America. That debate died somewhere along the way and unfortunately no one can find it again. Whether you are a fiscal conservative, fiscal moderate or fiscal liberal, your goals are all most likely the same: do what is best for America. Sadly, our politicians have lost sight of this and the debate has now become about one issue: the next election.

No, the sky is not falling. No, America as we know it is not coming to an end. And no, I don’t think America is a bad place and that we can learn from some other country. Everybody has their problems. But, America is going down a path that will drag it down rather than pick it up. Politicians are becoming more concerned with their donors and votes than they are with the greater good. Maybe nothing new for the political world at large, but no past government has had to deal with the current level of television and digital coverage. Most of the arguments I have heard are about making sure the “other side” doesn’t get what they want, regardless of it being good for America or not.

Does this even make sense?

I was raised to not be concerned with what others have or don’t have. It doesn’t mean you don’t offer a helping hand, it means you don’t spend your days pining for and complaining about the lots of others. This is something I am teaching my son and I think he has a better grasp on it at 2.4 (2 years, 4 months) than our current “leadership”.

If we can all strive to be better, so can the government.

Sharing is always good!