Sharing is always good!

I should not have to discipline my son. This should be the job of his teacher at daycare and then responsibly handed off to his kindergarten teacher and so on until he graduates high school. At that point, I will have a half-hearted discussion about drinking and safe sex and then rely on the college and professors to make sure he doesn’t contact and STD or drink. If anyone fails along the way, I will blame, lash out and most likely sue to make sure it never happens again.

If you agreed with anything in the last paragraph: LEAVE. You do not belong here.

People are funny. Parents…crazy. I am not engaging in the discussion on teacher compensation (which the Wisconsin discussion is not really about, but this seems to be making front pages anyway) — I own a home, pay school taxes and have a family full of teachers — although I am not one myself — so I do have a point of view on it, but I will let the media outlets mangle a complex issue into sound bites and stock clips.

However, the discussion currently happening in Wisconsin did get me thinking about the current state of parenting, and in particular, my role. Here’s the deal — teachers and parents have a responsibility in the education of America. The current discussion is making enemies of two sides that share one goal: education — and this is not helping. I would rather spend my already limited time on improving my surroundings and not on what other people do or do not have. So, in the spirit of making sure my own house is in order, here is my pledge as a parent:

1. I will discipline my children.
2. I will work with others in educating my children.
3. I will make decisions based on fact, not fiction.

If my son says a teacher “stinks” or is “terrible” (or whatever term he chooses when he finally gets past saying “mom”, “dad”, “no” and “more”), I am not going to light a torch and storm the school — but it also doesn’t mean I will ignore potentially serious issues. It might mean I ask questions and employ….gasp!….common sense.

As seems to be the case in a lot of posts, I am finding that the answers to my questions can be found in two things: common sense and being levelheaded. Which, as yet another snow storm in the Philadelphia area has proven, is not as pervasive in the world around me as I once thought — and yes, I am talking to the person in front of me with only their windshield exposed as the snow still sitting on the rest of the car created a mini-blizzard.

Sharing is always good!