Sharing is always good!

After reading this article by James Rainey in the LA Times, I thought I would take the chance to say again: any and all reviews on this site are done without payment and the products have been purchased by our family (or entered the house as a hand me down).

Mr. Rainey hits on a form of advertising/marketing I have long despised: pitching products/shows on local news segments as though they are actual news — or as though they are from non-biased reviewers. If the person reviewing the product is getting paid directly or indirectly by the company that produced the product, we should be told as much. We, as consumers, have the right to know when something is being sold to us and when we are simply being given information. I am more incensed by the fact the subject of the story is pitching toys.

I am not sure who is worse: the company that pays the “reviewer”?; the “reviewer” for clearly lying?; the news station for allowing it to happen?

Wait, I do know. All of them.

Why do I think this is important? Because of the simple marketing principle: Give someone something and they are more likely to give something in return. For a lot of us, it is simply in our nature. So, if a company decides to start sending me freebies for review, I might not knowingly lean my review in a positive direction — but my subconscious sure might. It is for this reason I think transparency is very important.

While I think bad products will fail on their own accord, regardless of marketing, I don’t see why the consumer has to use their increasingly tighter budgets on products they thought were a “good buy” but turn out to be nothing more than a marketing ploy. Due diligence is on the consumer, but getting bamboozled by my local news is not helping.

Sharing is always good!