Sharing is always good!

Not cool, I know. We took the easy way out. Rather than fly someplace exhilarating and fun for the whole family (me, Wifey and the meatball), we took the easy way out and decided to pick a place in driving distance.

So we set out on our 14 hour drive to Nashville to visit family, followed by a cross-Tennessee drive to Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains. Since I am not a travel review site, I will leave the tourist reviews out — but I can say that I have always loved Nashville and the Smoky Mountains were amazing.

Overall, it was smooth sailing, err, driving. We broke up the 14 hours into two pieces, but since the trip back was only ten, we did it in one shot. The reason for this post? The savior? The thing that some parents revile and will call me a bad parent for doing? The thing that might have permanently cooked the meatball?

Portable DVD player. We went with this one: Philips 9-Inch LCD Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

We have only used it for the trip, so I am not necessarily saying this is the best one out there — but it was the only one I could find that had headrest straps and the proper connections for them. The dual screens are nice for the fact it doesn’t have a remote control, so you can use the main display for that purpose — and if we have a second kiddo, then we are set.

Call me a bad parent if you want — but I watched TV as a kid (and much more violent cartoons at that) — and have turned into a fully functioning, well rounded, educated adult.

Well, sort of.

Sharing is always good!