Sharing is always good!

When I was in college, I written a poem for one of my classes (I forget which — probably a writing 101 class) — but it was read and graded by a senior that was in the major. Since I was reading a lot of books about World War II and the Holocaust, I chose that topic for the poem. I couldn’t (and still can’t) get the images out of my mind so I wanted to get it down on paper.

The senior feedback: It wasn’t my story to tell. At the time, I thought it was ridiculous. Otherwise, stories would never be told! Haven’t lived it? Well, you can’t write about it. More than a few years have passed and that feedback has never left me — and I understand it so much more now — and it is part of my basis of thought on how perspective is everything.

Why the long story? I read an article in MediaPost by Kevin Burke — in their section about marketing to Moms (no, they do not have one about dads) that seemed to hit this nail on the head. While I don’t think you have to be a mom to market to or talk about moms — I would think that talking about a the trials and tribulations of being a mom — would be better left to…I dunno…call me wacky…a mom.

I don’t question Mr. Burke’s intentions — or that he isn’t well versed in the area — but he hasn’t lived it (and believe me, by being a dad, I am not saying I have). While I agree with his points about doing more for moms than just selling to them — I was too stuck on the my feeling that he was attempting to speak for moms as a person who has walked in their shoes. This might not have been the intent — but it felt like it and I simply couldn’t get past it (I checked his bio on his site and at least I know he is a dad — otherwise there would be no salvation).

In the end, it’s why I will speak to what I know — being a dad — and being one that is fumbling, falling, supported, supporting, running, chasing, but seemingly never sleeping — and always grateful for not only my own mom but the other mom in my life (Wifey) — that give their all, but never get all that they deserve. I can’t take up their cause, but I can offer my support — and that starts at home with being an equal parent, something I think almost all dads (including myself) can do better.

I guess I will have to explain the extra hug that came along with it.

Sharing is always good!