Sharing is always good!

Fingers crossed. Knock on wood. Our son is 16 months old and to date has not had a serious injury where an emergency room visit was required. Yesterday, the kiddo took a header into the wall and came away with a nice new shiny gooner. Nothing overly concerning, but then the creepy little “what ifs” start rolling in like spiders at the foot of your bed coming up under the covers.

The big “what if” for me: “What if he has a concussion?” The Wifey never played football, so she probably didn’t get all the lectures on the dangers of concussions. This was an area where my paranoia kicked in and hers remained dormant. In other words, uh-oh.

I struck out on asking “what if” when he had pneumonia, and when he had croup, so my dad instinct was clearly still set on the more vague guy instinct. I shuffled “shake it off” to the back of my mind and took the family van (we don’t have one) out of the garage to take a ride down “What If” Lane.

I went past Severity Lane and knew that he didn’t lose consciousness, wasn’t vomiting or sleepy and wasn’t bleeding from any orifices, so I knew I could keep going. The next road I came to was Ambiguous Road. One of the symptoms listed for a concussion: “lack of coordination”. Anybody with a kiddo that has less than three months with their shiny new wheels (legs) knows that coordination is a relative term. I turned on to Ambiguous Road and started looking at the houses in detail (his walking). Nothing out of the ordinary. I pulled a u-ee and headed out to “What If” Lane.

In the end, we didn’t go to the hospital and he was fine. The dad instinct worked in this case with a bit of the mom instinct to help. When the Wifey gave the seal of approval that all was right with the world, I felt better. Joint decisions always seem to do that for me.

Sharing is always good!