Sharing is always good!

It’s hard to review toys since they are like beauty — all in the eye of the beholder. It is either a shoddy product or a fun toy — not a whole lot in between. This toy from Playskool I think deserves a call out. Why?

#1 The kiddo can’t get enough of it — from the time he was nine months until now (he is 14 months) he can sit and hit the start button over and over….and over…and over

#2 I think it’s cool and like to fire it up when he isn’t around

#3 Other dads that have stopped by have played with it and thought it was cool

What does it do? You hit the little ladybug and air starts to bfow throughout the toy as a song plays. The alligator starts chomping, the tree starts spinning and the elephant’s ears (the purple thing in the background with blue “ears”) start spinning while the balls in the center go ’round and ’round. You can also take the ball out and put it on top of the elephant or put it in the pink air chute in the background where it will “float”.

Is there more????

Sure is! You can also stack the alligator on the elephant or put the tree on the elephant. It doesn’t look like much — but it is definitely mesmerizing.

Anyway you can get it at Amazon here: Playskool Busy Ball-Tivity Center

Sharing is always good!