Sharing is always good!

The countdown continues. #2 (counting backwards) on my list of things I don’t enjoy about being a dad:

Number 2 : The responsibility

This was expected, but it doesn’t make it enjoyable. New levels of responsibility come with a lot of “first” milestones: first car, first job, first house, etc. The first child is no different. Going anywhere or doing anything involves a process of double checks, packing, dressing, diapering, and more. While you are doing this, you are also thinking ahead to how you will handle situations from diaper changing in a men’s room to worrying about a complete public meltdown. Even when you aren’t going anywhere, you are worrying about whether or not there are undiscovered dangers in your house, if you have ripped up his waffle enough for him to eat without choking, if his ear tugging is because of wispy hair or an ear infection…and the list goes on…

…and on…

I can say that the egg I carried around for a week in high school was so much easier….so very much easier. I can’t wait for the first “second” child.

Sharing is always good!