Sharing is always good!

I read a post this morning on by Erica Noonan discussing a double standard when it came to mommy and daddy blogs. You can find it here. It is a few days old, which is the equivalence of a decade in this new world of instant information, but still relevant.

The post is more of a question than an opinion — which is clearly stated at the end “Is there a double-standard about what dads can get away with saying about pregnancy, labor and parenting? Are women criticized too much for what they write and say?” Within the post, Ms. Noonan also describes how mommy bloggers are derided as being nothing more than corporate lap dog and sell outs while daddy bloggers are the next coming of John O’Hara.

In their defense, if they wanted free products, they (mommy bloggers) could just as easily sign up for one of the many survey sites out there and take no flak (so why be a mommy blogger and take the flak unless it is for more than that). I did it when I was in college to get free stuff and a few extra bucks. Personally, I don’t want free products related to My purpose in writing is morphing (reviews, thoughts..etc.) — but came mostly from the fact that my wife and I disagreed on some of the products we use with our son and I couldn’t find many male opinions out there. I simply want to provide (yet) another POV.

I disagree with my wife on a few…a bunch…well nearly all things, but I have found that our disagreements tend to drive the best results – why? – because we are forced to talk out the issue (for no other reason than to prove the other wrong, but reason aside, it works).

Anyway, my answer would be this: Having a child…er…well…watching my wife bear our son and coming out of the room as a dad and not just a husband….I learned that perspective is king (or queen, if you will). One moment I am in the crowd of people with torches about to burn the family that brought their screaming bundle of annoyance on to the plane…and the next moment I am looking around for a fire extinguisher and wondering how anyone could hate the essence of perfection. What changed (besides everything…)? My perspective.

This relates to the difference Mommy and Daddy bloggers — both feel slighted; both feel like the eyes of judgment are on them. It is a matter of perspective that can’t be overcome. My solution: ignore it. If you like doing what your doing and it isn’t harming anybody, then keep on keeping on. At the very least, my son will get to see what I was thinking about as he was growing up — good AND bad — a perspective that our generation only gets by way of reminisced memories seen through the rose colored glasses of a parent.

Sharing is always good!