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Dear Similac,

I thank you for your efforts in making sure no one tampers with the powdered formula we buy for our son. The external seal and internal foil are appreciated, but I do have a couple small changes to request that would really help me out. First, it is difficult to tell when the tamper proof seal on the outside of the container has been broken. Even when we have two sitting on our counter, I have a hard time determining which one has been opened and which one was not.

Second — and this one has less to do with safety and more to do with simple annoyance — make it easier to get the foil seal off the top of the container. I appreciate that it seems to go beyond what is most likely necessary — and has a nice big tab to pull — but you have done such a great job putting it on the container that when I pull the tab — the tab comes, but not much else. I think some reinforcement from the tab through the outer edges of the foil might help, but I am not a package engineer.

It won’t keep me from buying Similac, but it sure would be appreciated.


The Daddy Blogger

Sharing is always good!